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Water saving gadgets to be distributed to each and every household in Malta and Gozo

Saving on your water consumption is easier than you think, especially when you facilitate the process by installing water saving devices.  Nowadays there are plenty of gadgets on the market that allow you to save energy, water, money and ultimately do your bit for the environment too.  The national campaign launched last year, Water – Be the Change is being supported with a nationwide distribution drive called “Join the drops” tour which will start as from January as part of the three-year communications campaign to raise awareness on the importance of water conservation.


In the coming months, each and every primary residence in Malta and Gozo will be receiving a visit from a uniformed team of water officers, who will be delivering these gift packs directly to your door.  This gift pack, which serves as an introduction on how to consume water more efficiently, will include an aerator which will reduce the flow of water while maintaining the right pressure, and a plate scraper which will ensure that dirty dishes are easier to clean whether in the sink or on the dishwasher. The pack will also include an information leaflet with water saving tips and a voucher which can be redeemed against a second bigger water conservation kit.  This second kit will include five effective gadgets such as a low flow shower head, which are simple to install, and which are guaranteed to reduce your water consumption without comprising on quality and flow. All vouchers can be redeemed from the mobile unit which will be stationed in a central location at each town and village or at Campaign information office located at GĦAJN, the national water conservation awareness centre in Rabat, which offers an interactive experiences on the need for the conservation of water, and a wealth of useful information on Malta’s water resources.  To get more information on when we will be visiting your town or village visit or our Facebook page Water- Be the Change.. This tour which will see the Water mobile Unit, visit all towns and villages around Malta and Gozo as well as national fairs and events, aims to reinforce the message that by doing a little bit together, we will be doing a lot to conserve Malta’s precious water and be the change.


During these deliveries, officers will also be able to book in interested parties to get a free water audit on their property which will help them understand how they consume their water and energy and  guide you on how you can save water, energy and money.


Anyone interested in learning more about their water consumption and how to become more efficient can visit the website to get water saving tips or to book a house visit. During these tours, the Water Be the Change mobile unit will be present at various localities to promote the Join the Drops campaign and encourage people to learn more about how we can all play a part in reducing water wastage and that with a little care by each and every one of us, today, will help preserve our water resources for tomorrow.

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