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Alliance for Water – Be the Change

An initiative that celebrates companies leading the way in sustainable water practices”

In alignment with the impactful “Water Be the Change” campaign, over the past months, local Care Homes were invited to acknowledge and celebrate their commitments to water sustainability, leading to the granting of the Alliance for Water mark. It has provided a chance for them to stand out and promote optimal practices, recognising that the responsibility for water conservation is a collective endeavor.


In a joint initiative, the Energy and Water Agency, in collaboration with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, is committed to recognising businesses and business communities that have excelled in promoting responsible water usage through the establishment of this quality mark.


Church Homes for the Elderly and CareMalta Group have been selected as Alliance for Water Champions in the Water Be the Change campaign, these businesses exhibit present and future dedication to water conservation. These forward-thinking businesses have demonstrated a commitment to water conservation over the past few years, making it imperative to showcase their achievements and receive this recognition, acknowledging their current and future dedicated efforts towards sustainable water usage.


The primary objective of the campaign is to raise awareness and educate both the general public and businesses about the various sustainable practices that can be adopted. The Alliance for Water mark, designed specifically for this purpose, serves as a symbol of recognition for enterprises that have championed responsible water usage. This quality mark is not confined to a single industry but is envisioned to transcend sectors, promoting a collective commitment to sustainable water practices.


The collaboration between the Energy and Water Agency (EWA) and the Malta Chamber of Commerce on water protection stems from a shared commitment to addressing the critical issue of water conservation in the Maltese Islands. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, both entities have joined forces to drive change and promote responsible water management practices.


Together, they aim to provide continued support to the business community in championing water protection and sustainability. This collaborative effort underscores the significance of collective action in safeguarding this invaluable resource for future generations.