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Water Be the Change Initiative: Collaboration between EWA and FSWS aimed at fostering sustainable living

The Energy and Water Agency, in collaboration with the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS), is spearheading a noble initiative aimed at fostering sustainable living through the distribution of Water Be the Change devices. This initiative, carried out in conjunction with the State Funded Food Distribution, underscores a concerted effort to address pressing societal needs while promoting environmental stewardship.

The distribution of Water Be the Change devices is strategically conducted from various sites across Malta and Gozo, ensuring accessibility and convenience for targeted cohorts. Eligible recipients have received collection letters entitling them to exchange for the food and Water packages provided.

The Water Be the Change devices serve as invaluable aids in promoting water conservation and save money for families. With comprehensive installation instructions provided during distribution, recipients are equipped to maximize the utility of these gadgets. Over the distribution period between April and May, more than 11,000 gift packs and 12,000 kits will be disbursed across 28 different distribution points.

During a press conference to launch this collaboration, Minister for Energy, Environment and the Regeneration of the Grand Harbour, Miriam Dalli said, “This collaboration is a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability for all. Through this collaboration we will be distributing practical Water-Be the Change kits. This is a tangible action towards a more sustainable future, and it will help these families to be more efficient in their water consumption, save money and waste less water.”

Michael Schembri, Chief Policy Officer for Water at the Energy and Water Agency highlighted the importance of such collaboration between entities that would ultimately lead to the public and the country to benefit both on a financial and environmental level.

It is pivotal to highlight that the FSWS’s objective transcends mere provision of handouts; rather, it is focused on empowering individuals to integrate into the labour market and lead autonomous lives. The contact established during the food distribution serves as a platform to build bridges and extend support towards long-term solutions, aligning with the overarching goal of eradicating poverty and fostering inclusivity within society.

The co-operative relationship between the Water Be the Change campaign and the food distribution program is evident. While the former endeavours to educate the public on water conservation, emphasizing the prudent use of the country’s water resources, the latter aims to address immediate societal needs. By providing practical tools and awareness, this initiative attempts to instil a sense of responsibility among citizens towards water conservation.

Water conservation, as emphasized through this initiative, is not about compromising our quality of life; rather, it is about using our resources wisely and ensuring their sustainability for future generations. It is incumbent upon each individual to educate themselves on water conservation practices and actively contribute towards safeguarding our precious water resources.

The collaborative efforts of the Energy and Water Agency, alongside the FSWS, exemplify a commitment to fostering sustainable living practices while addressing societal needs. Through initiatives like the Water Be the Change campaign, we can collectively strive towards a more resilient and environmentally conscious society, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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