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World Water Day 2023 celebrated in Gozo

On Wednesday 22nd March, Malta will join the rest of the globe in raising awareness about the importance of clean water in our life hence by celebrating World Water Day. The national water conservation campaign, WATER – BE THE CHANGE will once again commemorate this significant day with special events organized around Malta and Gozo.

Throughout this entire week, the campaign’s mobile unit will be situated in Gozo, at Victoria Public Car park area in Giorgio Borg Olivier Street, Rabat. The WATER – BE THE CHANGE team will engage with the public, by promoting water conservation tips, which can be easily applied at home, at work and also in the agricultural sector.

“World Water Day 2023 is about accelerating change to solve the water and sanitation crisis around the globe. In order to celebrate this day, our campaign team members, as from Monday, 20th March, will spend all week in Gozo, with the purpose of reaching out to the general public and informing them about the meaning and how to conserve freshwater,” said a representative of the national water conservation campaign, WATER – Be the Change.

No doubt this is another opportunity for everyone, to become a water conservation champion at home and work. Those who will be visiting the mobile unit of WATER – BE THE CHANGE in Gozo, will be entertained with fun live experiments on The Water Cycle, Cloud Formation and Water Filtration and Density.

Those interested can also acquire free and official merchandise of WATER – Be the Change campaign when visiting the mobile unit during this week’s Gozo Water Day events.

The mobile unit will be accessible to the public in Rabat, Gozo as from Monday, 20th March till Sunday, 26th March, between 9am and 5pm.

Come visit us to help us increase more awareness that with a little care by each and every one of us, today will help preserve our resources, for tomorrow.

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